This page provides links to various projects and other information sources which may be relevant to support or deployment of Mozilla in the enterprise.
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MozDev Projects
Description (generally copied from referenced link)
ChromEdit ChromEdit is a User File Editor for all the major Mozillan applications which lets you edit userChrome.css, userContent.css and user.js from the comfort of your app., there is no requirement for you to know the location of your profile.
 MozBackup is a utility for creating backups of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup mail, favorites, contacts, etc. This program is freeware.
A utility for automatic customization, configuration and personalization of Mozilla installations. mozptch can help system administrators who have to administrate a lot of Mozilla installations.
Advice, tips, bug fixes, and how-tos for installing plugins for Mozilla.
Preferential See below.
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A Brief Guide to Mozilla Preferences See below.
Command line options
You can use command line configuration options to bypass the Profile Manager and open a specific profile (if you have multiple profiles). You can also control how Mozilla opens, which components open initially, and what the components do when they open. This page describes the commonly used options and how to use them. To see a full list of all available command line options, use the -h command.
Customizing Mozilla The purpose of this document is to offer some hints about some of the less well documented features in Mozilla which can be customized to suit the user's preference.
End User Documentation
This page provides links to documentation for users of Mozilla and Mozilla-based browsers.
Mozilla Update
Mozilla Update hosts Extensions and Themes for Mozilla software. On this site you can find Extensions and Themes for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla 1.x suite, with more to come.
Self-Help Documentation
Support documentation, web forums, newsgroups, etc.
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Automatic Mozilla Configuration
How to customize Mozilla for multi-user community. In the scenario described, a bunch of client workstations running Windows access a Linux Samba server, on which the user's home directories are stored (under drive H:). Our goal is to make it possible to automatically generate a Mozilla configuration on the server for each user as soon as he is created. Moreover, we want to lock certain settings, so that users cannot change them.
Automatic Mozilla Installation, Roaming Profiles
This document is designed to outline the steps required to create and roll out the open source browser Mozilla. It will also outline the methods to implement roaming profiles. The project was to develop and implement a locked down and customised version of Mozilla to every terminal throughout the National Library of Wales.
Customization and deployment
This document attempts to explain one of no doubt many different procedures that can be followed to create a Mozilla installer, suitable to deploy a somewhat customized Mozilla to a school, corporation, library, etc. (I lied. You won't be creating an installer, you'll be diddling with the existing one.)
Firebird Corporate Rollout Mini-HOWTO
What follows is the procedure I have been following while rolling out Mozilla Firebird at my workplace. I make no claims that these notes are complete or even accurate, or that the procedure will Work For You. Let me know if that's the case, though, and I'll be happy to make corrections/additions or suggestions.
Mozilla AutoConfig
The objective is to provide users with a mailer agent and a web which is automatically configured at its invocation to the particular user connected at this instant on the computer. Instead of configuring user by user individual preference files (.netscape/preferences.js) we will centralize those preferences. This centralized preference file can lock preferences (lockPref) or initialized them (defaultPref) based on environment variables (USER, HOME ...) and/or LDAP queries (For email address, Common Name ...) .
Mozilla Firebird in kiosk mode.
Kiosk Mode for mozilla-firebird is a customised browser.jar which removes many of the features not likely to be used when deployed in a web terminal environment such as an internet cafe or library.
Pre-Configuring Mozilla
This document describes how to manually configure Mozilla, however all configuration described here can be automated using TWEAK (The Windows Environment and Application Konfigurator)
Securing Mozilla in the Public Library
help pages that explain how to secure Netscape for use in public libraries, primarily for public Internet access. . .  Kiosk modes: Run Mozilla as a Kiosk browser by disabling menus and toolbars.
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Preferences Information

Description (generally copied from referenced link)
A Brief Guide to Mozilla Preferences This article is intended for Mozilla power users and system administrators. It provides a general overview of Mozilla preferences, including where preferences are stored, a file-by-file analysis of preference loading sequence, and information on editing preferences.
Hidden Mozilla Prefs
The following is a list of hidden Mozilla prefs I know of that can be quite helpful. Many of them are taken from (NOTE: Not all the prefs listed on that website are over here). Others will be added as and when I find out about them.
How do I retrieve and modify Mozilla preferences?
Mozilla and Mozilla-based applications load user preferences from a number of sources. Each source is a JavaScript file that contains some special functions not available to other normal JavaScript code. These functions are used to...
HOWTO Lockdown Mozilla Preferences for LTSP
This short guide explains how you can lockdown Mozilla preferences for all users on Linux system to options which you define.  Locking down of Mozilla preferences can be useful in public kiosks, school, university or business computers where you want certain options (like a standard homepage) set and you do not want users to be able to modify it.
Locking Mozilla / Phoenix browser settings
After a considerable amount of searching and effort I finally found a way to lock settings in Mozilla and Phoenix.. . .As far as I can tell this works under both Linux and (with some adjustment) Windows. It appears to work for both Mozilla and Phoenix and may work on other Mozilla-based browsers. Perl is required at one point, otherwise, no special tools are needed.
This page contains an extensive list of Mozilla preferences, and is a HTML conversion of the information contained in the Preferential extension. While it is not complete, it is one of the most comprehensive resources available on the Internet.

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